What is Goods Explorer?

Goods Explorer is useful both to eCommerce professionals, and users looking for best prices for their desired products. This extension helps you find a product and compare its pricing across several online stores.

Goods Explorer allows you to:

  • Automatically search for a product and its prices, as well as discover similar products in all supported online stores.
  • View search results summarized in a table, create lists of your most desired products and export those lists as .cvs files.
  • Automatically search products list saved as .cvs file and import them into the extension.

Supported Stores:

User guide

Installing Goods Explorer:

  1. Install Google Chrome version 56 or later.
  2. Go to the Chrome Web Store page and install the extension.
  3.  Log in with your Google Account.
  4. Goods Explorer icon will be added to the Chrome extensions toolbar.

Using Goods Explorer:

  1. Go to any of the supported stores.
  2. Find the product you want and go to its page.
  3. Click the extension icon.

Goods Explorer Interface

Goods explorer will generate a table in a separate pop-up window with information about the product and its pricing in different stores, if available

The navigation bar is located above the table at the top of the window:

The navigation bar

  • Drop-down menuDrop-down menu. Allows you to add and/or remove columns in the table. To do this, open the drop-down menu and select the option you want.
  • Export Export button(Export) and importimport button (Import) buttons allow you to export the generated table or import custom lists to search from.
  • save button (Save as default settings) button allows you to save all the settings that you have configured.
  • Reset to default settings button (Reset to default settings) button resets all your configured settings.
  • Previous page, Next page buttonsPrevious page, Next page (Previous page, Next page) buttons are used for fast navigation.
  • refresh buttonFullscreen/Default window settings (Refresh table) button restarts the product search and updates the table.
  • fullscreenfullscreen (Fullscreen/Default window settings) button allows you to change the window size. Left-click to switch to full screen, right-click to restore the previous window size.
  • closebutton closes the extension (Close extension) button closes the extension.
  • The generated table consists of the following columns:

goods explorer

  • Favorite (first column): lists products added to Favorites.
  • UPC: Universal Product Code used in the United States for tracking goods in stores.
  • Product Name: Full name of the product.
  • List of online stores: displays availability and pricing of selected product in all of the supported stores.

The rows display the information about the product on the page of which you are located, as well as about other similar products found.

goods explorer

Information bar is displayed at the bottom of the window.

  • Total indicator displays the total number of results (Results) and the number of products added to favorites (Favorites).
  • Average indicator displays the total average price across all positions in the table (Avg.Price).
  • To the right, there is the Measurements indicator displaying the icon of the currency (Currency) and the number of displayed items per page (Items in table). Left-click the latter number to change its value (10,20,50,100).

Goods Explorer Functionality

  • Adding and/or removing columns from the tableClick the drop-down list button and select the columns that will be displayed in the table.

Adding and/or removing columns from the table

  • Adding products to favorites. Left-click on the cell in the Favorite column corresponding to your desired product. It will be marked as a favorite with a check. Left-click again to remove the item from your favorites.

Adding products to favorites

  • Removing items from the table. Right-click the product name and select the Delete item option in the drop-down menu

delete item

  • Copying product’s name or UPC. Right-click the product name and select the corresponding option from the drop-down menu.


  • Viewing product image and description. Hover your mouse over the name of the product or its price.


  • Exporting favorites list. Click the Export button to create a .cvs file containing a list with everything you have added to favorites.
  • Importing custom lists of products to search. Create a .cvs file, add the products you’re looking for to it, and click on the Import button. Goods Explorer will automatically search for items from that list.
  • Sorting products by price within a store. Left-click the store name to sort the products by price in ascending order. Left-click again to sort by price in descending order.


  • Customizing and saving your settings. You can configure the size and position of the window, select which columns will be displayed in the table, and set the number of items displayed per page.
  • Viewing interface options descriptions. Hover your mouse over the object in the window you want to learn about to see its tooltip.